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Something So Small Keeps my Biggest Secret of Them All

Something So Small Keeps my Biggest Secret of Them All

 I have a precious secret,

and I want you to keep it.

So you see, I have this box,

and I always keep it locked. 

It's so tiny and small,

You'll question if there's anything at all.

Oh but I'm being honest,

When I promise

That there's more in it that can fit 

in your pocket. 

"Is that possible?"

Believe me it is. 

If I opened it everything would be unleashed.

All my efforts of compressing them,

forcing them into that box would be worthless,

and nothing would be at peace.

Who ever said emotions would be easy to control?

I fight every day to keep that box locked.

I'm scared to show how I really feel.

So everyday I act as if these emotions are never real. 
     -By: DRC

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Could This Memory Turn into Reality?

 Could This Memory Turn into Reality? 

 I remember the way you used to smile at me,

I remember the way everything used to be.

But hey, thats history,

when you look at it,
It's just there taunting you. 

I can't rewrite the past, 

I can't change what happened last.

What I did had to be done.

It just hurts to know that now you're gone.

The person that you are now wouldn't exist today,

If everything had stayed the same.

So because of that I stay content.

I just hope that one day our paths meet,

Because I'm ready to start something sweet. 

                 - By: DRC 
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What I Would Really Say If I Could

  •  I'm truly sorry I let you go. I never realized how much I would miss you, If I ever had the chance to take you back. I'd do it in a heart beat with out thinking. Hopefully that day will come. Took me 2 years to figure that one out.  =/

  • Maybe you should actually figure your shit out instead if blaming it on other people!! This family might suck but you if you actually put effort you might get some better results!!! Things CAN change!! And if you don't want to try then I'll do something drastic and believe me when I say you wont like it. 

  • We're not that great of friends because you don't want to try any harder and I can only meet you half way.  

  • Please. Realize that it died. stop faking it, all of this needs to be let go. 

  • Ugh I wish I took you fucking seriously when you told me I was your hero and that you looked up to me! Then maybe I could have been more help to you... but I don't hate the person that you've become. I accept you so always remember that. You will always be a friend that I hold dearly to my heart and I'd never try to let you go. I'll always put up a fight before that happens. 

  • Fuck you for looking down on me. all because I'm girl. I can achieve greatness just watch!!! I'd say I'd hate you, but I love you too damn much. Sometimes I wish you still lived with us so I wouldn't be alone when everyone is gone. Come back, I miss you. My childhood wasn't perfect with you but it wasn't bad either. The song Coming Home by The American Life reminds of you. I always listen to it when I think of you. And as much as you put me down you still believe in me. even if the intentions aren't pure. You made me tough. I thank you for that. 

  •  Ok. I honestly had feelings towards you. But you decided to push me away! I'm sorry I'm not "cool" enough for you but I know I'm what you need. and what you want. Its your fault for passing me up. I would seriously continue if you actually wanted this. 

  • Why do you still hate me!!! I liked being your friend but now I despise you only because you treat me like crap! I willing to make up if you are. 

I'll add more to this list when I can think of more things to say. 

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Is There A Time of Day to Say "I Love You"?

 Is There A Time of Day to Say "I Love You"?

Good morning,

Or is that too early?

Good Afternoon,

Or is that just random?

Good Evening,

Or is it too late?

While days and dates, 

come and pass.

I'm making sure everything will last.

But what time of day is right

to say I love you? 

With out giving a fright,

but to give a 

heart filled delight. 

       - By: DRC
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Mi Corazon Dice Gracias

 Mi Corazon Dice Gracias

Yo quiero sueltar todas las memorias 

que tengo de ti.

Pero no puedo, 

porque you destruí

que nosotros teniámos.

No escucha te cuando 

dijiste que me amas.

En mis ojos yo

no te ví como un galán.

Y ahora me duele mi corazon.

porque tú teniste todas las cosas que mi

corazon necesitaba para ser 

por eso yo quieria decirte gracias. 


(the title of this poem might change) 
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( A story my friend and I created all because we were talking about my pool before we redid it! This shows how creative we can be!! All from sending messages back and forth hahaha)  XD

 ...because i just can't imagine it all clean and stuff. i still see it as that rounchy death hole that had dirty mermaids living on the bottom growing an army of evil.

It was an epic battle to get rid of the dirty mermaids but once we infiltrated their castle the rest was easy. Glad we took care of em before they took over the world! x)

(dude, that continuation with my story was ridiculously amazing.) their real plan was too take over california and the government without notice or scare and begin plans and changes that would eventually lead to be the example for other states. then, the country would eventually be controlled entirely and other countries and nations would start modeling after us. 
they reached to destory all technology and punish humans for not believing in them by killing them, peeling the flesh and burning it, feed the meat to animals and use the bone to make cherry jello.

(haha thanks.) wow the burning of human felsh would probably make a bigger hole in the O-zone layer. And wether the government wants to admit this or not thats our protection from alien space invaders. The aliens want to use our atomic bomb to create a war in outer space. But the mermaids want to use it to rule the world. So obviously there's a struggle for power. 
So the mermaids and alien space invaders are duking it out. hopefully that cherry jello can come in hand for something. 

as the aliens come in, the mermaids begin starting alies with the military and those with weapons in order to protect the planet from the blue invaders. however, as one alien has an obsession with sparkling water he came to a point of spilling some on a mermaid, and causing her flesh to dry out and her to sufficate. now the young albert alien is battling it out with himself: the battle to weither he should share this new found knowledge with the rest of his crew, or use it as his own advantage and be the ruler himself.

yes with out telling his alien comrades he goes and gets bad ass super soaker and fills it up with sparkling water. Then he goes into the fray of the mermaid battle and starts spraying them all! one by one their flesh was drying up and they were suffocating to death. little did he know that mermaid flesh turns into a toxin! And the mermaid flesh was getting in to the vats of cherry jello. Cause a chemical reaction that made little cherry jello monsters! they started attacking both dirty mermaids and alien space invaders!!!

(cherry jello monsters? shit yeah! hahahaha.) ironically, the jello made to be eaten began eating the the aliens and what was left of the mermaids. the humans that survived were flabbergasted at their happenings. but, once the sun went down, the jello calmed and just swayed on a plate in the moon light. because america adores jello, and were staving from the long battle for survival, they feasted at night and finished what was left of the monterous jello. now step by step they must restructure and rebuild their destroyed society.

(wow. haha cool.) there were no more dirty mermaids and alien space invaders left on earth so the human civilization began to rebuild. making sure that this epic war would go straight into the history books. And all is safe in the world ... for now. mwahahaha!!! 

and now the freshmen this up coming year are learning about it in their science-fiction english class.
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In Need of a Helpful Hand

In Need of a Helpful Hand 

Screaming until my lungs collapse,

Hoping this mental pain doesn't last.

Ignored by those that can't hear,

What I'm trying to make clear.

I'm dying for someone to notice that,

I'm hurt.

I'm wounded.

My Spirits are low.

Could you help me bring back my cheerful glow? 

- By: DRC

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Mystery Awaiting In The Shadows (A Short Story)

Mystery Awaiting In The Shadows

         She was running in pure darkness. Disoriented, not knowing where she was, but kept going for she understood that danger was lurking everywhere. Winding hallways that narrow or widen every corner that she turned. " Where am I?", she screamed in fright. Adrenaline pumping through her veins she kept going. Then she brushed her finger tips against the walls of the hallway. Cold, crumbling bricks. She pressed her hand against the wall and came to halt. When she lifted her hand from the wall some of the rock ruble fell to the floor. Then she collapsed onto the floor in defeat. She was worn out and could barely continue. " Where am I!" she cried again in agony. Feelings of helplessness and fear swept over her, while her long hair fell over her face and she began to cry. 

        " You are in neither Heaven or Hell." a dark eerie voice said. Startled she looked up. She couldn't see the man that was talking to her. He was being hidden by the pure, pitch-black darkness.

        " What do you mean by that?" she growled. Anger was beginning to rise up within her. " Don't play games with me!" she shouted.

        "You are not in a place that is as pleasant as Heaven, but you are not in a place that is as gruesome as Hell. You are in between them." His voice was being echoed throughout the halls. 

        " But such a place doesn't exist." She said in a horrified voice. 
        " The souls of those that cannot find peace, reside here. Once they've found it, they may go to Heaven or Hell. Whichever god chooses for them. But some never leave and stay here... for eternity." He informed in a dark tone. 
       "then why am I here? I haven't died!" She shrieked in frustration.

       " The truth will be unraveled soon enough." And with that the wind blew drawing her to move forward. Then she found herself in front of a dead end. She put her hands out to feel her surroundings. Cool metal is what she felt underneath her hands. Suspecting that it was a door she pushed it open, and the gigantic, heavy metal door slowly creaked open. She stepped outside, her vision was blurred because, all around her was thick, misty fog. 

       She turned around to look at the enigma she was recently in. She was running in the halls of a castle. It was immensely huge, with a gothic style architecture. Vines filled with thorns were growing all over the walls. Looking back at the fog she noticed she could see better in the fog than in the darkness. With that she started to walk into the daunting mystery put forth in front of her. Embracing her fears she took the first step forward. Then a cool, brisk wind ran through her hair whispering, " Stephanie..." it was the same dark voice that spoke to her earlier. Alarmed she whirled around to look at it. But all she saw was a shadow disappear. 

      She hurriedly turned around sprinting. On the inside she was horrified because that shadow somehow knew her name...
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Wandering Box

Wandering Box

 I'd guess you could say I love you,

I'd guess you could say I miss you,

I'd guess you could say

I have feelings for you,

But how can I tell what's true?

When you made me lock

my emotions in a box,

made me hide the key.

All because you keep pushing me away.

How will we know in the end,

if it is truly meant to be?

       - By: DRC
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Colors of The Heart By: Uverworld

Colors of The Heart  (english lyrics)
By: Uverworld

 That day, my heart collapsed without making a sound. 
Even if I scream as I break, these unerasable memories 
And this darkness will flow into my eyes. 
I still can’t see these colors, so I’ll still feel depressed tomorrow. 

I searched endlessly for the day when we could understand each other. 
I’ll keep on living now just so that I can lose it. 
It’s impossible to be alone, even if I embrace this solitude. 
If you turn on the lights… 
I will shine toward the light. 

“These feelings we keep wishing for will one day change color”
You told that to the person who can keep going on inside my heart. 
Just about everything is inevitable inside these colors that were born. 
One more time, I am able to paint tomorrow with my hands. 

In that place from some time, I’ll have to get used to losing things. 
These things I’ve taken will all slip through my fingers. 
Before these tears dry up, will those words I wanted to hear 
Be used now to save someone? 
It’s all your fate. You gonna do that. 

“If this light becomes bright, the darkness will become deep too.” 
Even if we realized that, there is nothing to fear. 
Just about everything is in the end of my heart. 
If I open my eyes, I’ll be able to once again see these colors that were born. 

The breath of sadness; 
That is what makes these colors we’ve searched for run 
Without raising a sound. 

“These feelings we keep wishing for will one day change color”
You told that to the person who can keep going on inside my heart. 
Just about everything is inevitable inside these colors that were born. 
One more time, the fingertips of this light will shine on me. 

Just drawing...Colors in light and darkness 
And take it...Colors in light and darkness 
Now, with these hands, 
I will once again paint all of these unreachable, kind colors.

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